Dimitra Savvidou is a Greek (born 1962) who spent 18 years moving around the world experiencing life, learning from various cultures, enjoying meeting new people and dwelling in new experiences. Her big love is Africa, a place where her life changed forever.  She is an ex-Civil Structural Engineer, a profession she practiced for 20 years around Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Then she decided to get a year's sabbatical and that’s when her life changed for one more time. As she says..."beware of sabbaticals". A Christian for almost 20 years, she was always involved in part-time ministry but it was after her sabbatical that she received her calling. Today, she is occupied within LovingMinistry (check: and The vision is the empowerment of others to find God's purpose in their life. It is due to the Ministry work that she started writing. Now, writing is one of her great passions. She teaches the Word of God, and she is a listening ear in various organizations.  Currently, she lives in Zambia, where she has a private practice in Therapeutic Counseling.
Helene Herman was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and moved to Central New Jersey in 1983. She still considers herself a Bronx girl and always will.  Helene majored in English with a minor in Education at Queens College of the CUNY. She attended Queens at the same time as the comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, and thinks she is funny by osmosis. Helene has two grown sons of whom she is extremely proud. It wouldn't upset her if she also lived to see a grandchild or two. As long as her sons are happy and healthy, Helene is fun to be around and is known for her smile, love of people and bad jokes. She hopes to continue writing and contributing many more pieces to "Living Happy" and bringing smiles to its readers

Frank Clark is a Short Story Author. He resides in Tampa, Florida. Humorist and Imaginative Story Teller. Interesting and Creative Style. Frank’s mind is just full of themes. Everywhere he goes, people he meets, things he sees, all generate a story to tell and he writes them well. Favorite Thing to do in Tampa Bay: Deep Sea Fishing and sitting on the dock watching the sea birds and see what fish have been caught for the day. Makes a great Gumbo and Southern Potato Salad. Bon Appetit!
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Victor Langhorne was born in Smithfield, Virginia.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Queeens College, New York, where he earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Philosophy, and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  Presently he is Professor of Modern Philosophy at Christian Newport College, Newport News, VA, and is pursuing his Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics.  He did missionary work in Ghana as a young man, and is now an ordained minister.  He is particularly interested in the history of morality and ethics across cultures.  But first and foremost, he is a proud and loving husband, father, and grandfather.  Victor spends many Saturday afternoons with his little granddaughter, Mackenzie, exchanging ideas and enjoying each other's company.  He enjoys sharing his thoughts and ideas in Living Happy and The Dolphin Magazine. 

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Glynis Hedley - I was brought up in the north east of England, but moved to London at the age of eighteen. A few years later I began my travels overseas. After working for several years in the Middle East, West Africa and Hong Kong, I settled back in the UK and pursued a career with a law firm in London. However, I always felt drawn to France and in 1998 moved to the idyllic Normandy countryside with a Jack Russell terrier and two cats, who were soon joined by a couple of characterful goats. Then, with time on my hands, I started a boarding kennels business. These days, I have time to indulge in my favourite pastimes of reading and writing. I have had several articles published in French and a short mystery story.